Goal Setting and Daily Planning

Being successful requires purposeful action.
Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, conducted a study on goals.  The results showed that writing down goals regularly increases and daily planning increase your chances of reaching your goals by over 42%.
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This Months Book Selection

This book is far more than a positive attitude. The well written and engaging content in this book WILL make you less stressed. Many scientific studies are cited that actually prove that we are what we think and stressed out is no exception. If you think you are stressed you will suffer from the bad effects of stress, if you think stress can be good for you, you will feel less stressed therefore produce less cortisol that is harmful long term in your system. There are some other interesting findings that show other chemicals are released at times of stress and how that can be used to your advantage. Kelly McGonigal has an amazing Ted Talk around this topic based on her book. She will tell you flat out she used to believe stress was bad for you but she couldn’t deny this evidence. Read this book to help yourself and those around you better cope with stress.


Keep in mind there are many other apps out there and you have to be clear what you want to select the right app to fit your process rather than fit your process to the app.



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