Productivity Bootcamp

A study has shown that consistent focus, application and follow through on 10 elements reduce stress and overwhelm and dramatically enhance overall productivity. Perform at your Peak!


In a conversational entertaining way, this book is an introduction to the P10 Productivity Accelerator  10 Core Drivers of time and energy management.. The 10 drivers are presented in an entertaining way with an easy to understand framework to follow.

P10 Accountability Membership

Support your implementation of the 10 Core drivers with group coaching and more lessons and hands on exercises.

Head Trash Webinar Series

Are you aware of what impact your emotional clutter is having on your business? Your Anger, Fear or other negative emotions are keeping you or your team from reaching full potential? Don’t you think it’s time to take out all that head trash? Join Coach Penny and the authors of the Head Trash for and insightful series on getting rid of the headtrash so that you can reach even greater heights of productivity.

Productivity Masters Series (DVD)

Over 30 hours of Audio Interview with sought after speakers, authors and top business leaders to provide new perspectives on being more productive around the 10 core drivers of time and energy management.