A comprehensive and simple productivity system that shows you how to be more productive through the 10 essential elements of time and energy management. The System and is supported by first Productivity Profile and dashboard that provides tools and systems to track and measure your progress.
What makes the P10 Productivity Accelerator really special is that it makes the tools of professional business coaching available to anyone. Many of the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs today are receiving professional business coaching and Fortune Magazine touts professional coaching as an amazing resource that can increase productivity and sales by up to 20%! Penny Zenker, the founder of P10 and the creator of this assessment is one of the most sought after coaches in today’s market and securing her services can cost over $1500/hour. Penny is committed to making the benefits of professional coaching available to anyone regardless of their ability to pay top coaching prices. This is the SAME assessment that Penny uses with her coaching clients and for the first time ever you can take advantage of it too!
It takes an average of 20 minutes to complete the 10 question inventory. Please take your time and answer the questions thoughtfully so that we can provide you with the most in depth and personalized feedback possible. After completing the inventory you will receive an 18 page assessment and show you how your results compare to those of high achievers.
You will receive your results, via email, in 48-72 hours.
Much like you, there is nothing else out there like the P10 Assessment. Because your responses are self-rated they are as unique as you. Additionally, each question offers you the opportunity to write in a specific answer (and we encourage you to do so for each question! It will be a big part of your action plan). Only you know exactly where you are on your journey so we ask that you rate yourself in each category (with a 10 being absolutely perfect to a 1 being very bad) so that we can provide you with a valuable assessment.
You may be surprised at just how many areas for improvement even high achievers have. Time management is so much more than just “getting everything done”. Imagine how would you feel if you were twice as productive? Remember it’s not about “what you’re getting done”, it’s about how you feel about the value you are creating! And because you were so much more productive you earned twice the money…or had twice as much time to spend with family and/or spend on whatever activity you desired. I don’t think there is anyone out there that wouldn’t like to earn more money and have more time. The path to success is productivity and no matter how adept you are at managing your time, you may be surprised to find the areas that you could be better managing your energy.
That’s OK! Making the choice to invest in yourself and really progress your business and personal life to the next level of success can be scary. I know because I have been there. When you register for your free account you will receive access to a free coaching journal and 30 day reflection guide. This is a product that I used to only offer to my most elite clients but I have made it free so that you can experience the changes that coaching can bring.

This program uses the successful strategies of other programs and then integrates another layer onto it.

First, I dissected a number of popular Time Management programs and found what they did really well. Just as important, I examined them for what they didn’t include.

The end result was the creation of a new type of Time Management program. This program offers concepts and resources representing the “best of the best”…coupled with a skills and mindset component designed to help you use these resources in better and more effective ways.

The result is a program designed from the very beginning to supercharge your performance beyond that of typical time management. That offers you an advantage over everyone else around you. Or you can share your secret and make them your partners in achievement.

Many people have seen results within hours of completing the lessons.

Incredible, but true. The programs starts by helping you understand your efficient and inefficient processes….and what you can do to change them. Because of the lesson-based structure, you don’t have to wait until you finish the program to start applying what you learned. That means you can start applying your new knowledge immediately and see fast results.

And the more time you dedicate to the program, the faster you have the understanding to make the changes that will give you the results you want.

Just 15 minutes a day will put you on track for success.

We strongly recommend you first perform the P10 Assessment in a single session (about an hour). That will assess where you are today and which areas will show you the most profound improvements.

Of course, if you commit to more time, the lessons will progress at a more rapid pace and you can put your newfound skills to use even faster.

Because the program offers online components, you can get that 15 minutes from nearly anywhere using any internet accessible PC or tablet.

Because this program will supercharge any other skills you already have learned.

The fact that you’ve already identified time management as an important concern is excellent. Many people who have gone through time management programs have made a significant investment in time and resources. But they still ask themselves: “isn’t there something more I could be doing?”

Most programs have a sound foundation. I’ve researched them and I like a lot of them. But I also felt that there was something missing….an X factor of Resourcefulness that kept people from reaching their full potential.

So we’ve developed that Resourcefulness X factor and integrated it into a “Best Of the Best” in Time Management. The result is a program that examines the role of ALL the critical factors needed to maximize Time Management elements. Believe me when I tell you, the Resourcefulness and Energy Management form a strong role in your productivity.

The programs starts by helping you understand your efficient and inefficient processes….and what you can do to change them.

Let’s crunch the numbers and prove it is worth many times more than what you will pay.

How much is your time worth per hour? Let’s compare that to the cost of gaining back those hours through the program. If we can show you a way to get back just a half an hour a day or 130 hours a year, the program cost is,$3 an hour, a small fraction of the potential gain. And the time you gain in subsequent years is free. Doesn’t that really sound like a great investment? There is no other investment that offers that kind of return on a resource you personally trust and control…yourself.

By spending less time doing the things that are less important.

I’m not a magician, so I can’t create more time for you. Each person’s day contains just 24 hours. So the program is designed to help you to understand where you become distracted or go off course and where you are inefficient. Then, it shows you how to move yourself onto a different more successful track.

I’ll teach you strategies to improve your focus on the things you want. Then we’ll teach you ways to identify solutions to get things done faster, with greater priority and with greater precision. The direct result will be that you can spend more time and focus on the things that you really want, making them happen faster.

Clients tell me that they’ve experienced up to 60% more productivity and efficiency. Really! Up to 60%! Imagine how that kind of efficiency would help you achieve what YOU really want.

The biggest mistake is that they focus on resources alone.

They go out and buy a Kobe Planner and think that’s the solution to all of their time management problems. They think “I have a planner now, I’ll write in the planner, my time is managed”.

That’s a great FIRST step for some people. But even if the gain is sustainable, it’s small. There are many other elements, both external and internal factors, that are robbing us of time efficiency and throwing our balance off.

To get the real gains of Time Management, we need to examine these other factors. By working with those and becoming more resourceful, we see a much bigger gain in time management.

How can this NOT help you make more money?

By identifying and focusing on the more important, you will be prioritizing and become more efficient at those parts of business which drive profitable sales.

If you gained just 30 minutes a day in efficiency, that adds up to over 16 work days a year. Do you believe you could make more money if you had an extra 16 days of free time that didn’t come from your family or relaxation time? I’d bet that you could make a whole lot of money with that extra time.

It’s the difference between having a resource, and really being able to optimize it’s use.

If you were given a paintbrush, that doesn’t mean you can paint with the skills of Picasso. If you were given a keyboard, you won’t have the writing skills of Shakespeare. Having a resource doesn’t mean that you will be resourceful in using it and attaining a specific result. That’s the difference between the two.

Resourcefulness is tapping into your own natural energy and purpose, and using them in a way that drives the tools to deliver maximum benefit. Doing that often requires guidance and direction from an outside expert. It requires the discipline to master something as opposed to just doing it.

That’s why this program focuses on BOTH resources and resourcefulness. And that’s why this program offers results beyond those of other programs. And that is the reason why it can be successfully used in conjunction with any other time management program being offered.

Would you spend a quarter now to make five dollars in the near future?

Most people would. Could you carve out 15 minutes a day if you knew that a year from now, you would be 10%, 20% or up to 60% more efficient and have an extra 130 hours a year or more to do more work, earn more money, gain more life balance or best of all, maybe all three? Given that value proposition, your concern might not be “I don’t have the time” but “how fast can I start?”


The core concept behind Time Management is re-establishing balance. By recognizing the elements and patterns that may be inhibiting those efficiencies, you discover what paths will better help you reach your goals.

Learning that time management and resourcefulness is a process.

No matter what efforts you’ve made before, start at the beginning. Complete the Introduction and evaluation workshop. That helps you assess where you are today, where you want to go, and the best path to get you there.
From there, the program will help guide you through the steps and modules that will help you most. It can appear overwhelming at first, but don’t worry. We’ve carefully built the program to narrow the focus and teach incrementally. Today’s successfully completed lesson serves as the foundation for the next one. It flows naturally.

Because tracking your time is key to becoming more productive.

Keith Cunningham always talks about you cant manage what you don’t measure. If you want to become more productive, you need a baseline of which to measure and compare. A baseline has to be written not something in your head. Measurement plays a key role in productive sustainability.

Two reasons: Time efficiency and memory retention.

Time efficiency is important. This is a whole course on time management, of course it’s important! Using our modular approach, an online program can more easily fit into your schedule. It’s easier to fit into the time you have without major modifications to your life and therefore, more likely to show results faster. We all love Quick wins!! Quick wins provide traction which is necessary to continue the program (any program for that matter).

Memory retention is the other reason for being an online program. Studies clearly show that people learn better when we involve more than one of our senses. So while reading a book isn’t bad, listening to and watching a video of the basic content is likely to result in better learning retention by accessing your Visual, Auditory and kinesthetic senses in the reticular activating system. The exercises and resources that follow reinforce the learning and create action which creates traction in your progress which will build energy for you.

Online resources are also available to you nearly everywhere. From home, work, on your smart phone or iPad. You can get a better learning experience nearly anywhere through the online program.

Sharing and engaging: creating experiences such as sharing with others creates an even greater sense of feeling or kinesthetic. The sharing of feelings and learnings gets us outside of ourselves to articulate our learning which further reinforce and develop the learnings. As we listen to the learning of others, we further connect to their learnings and find greater meaning in our own.


Each team member needs to start by assessing their own strengths and challenges, and their energy sources, as an individual. Then you can take the same concepts and use them as a team. I typically assist groups in this way through a workshop, a webinar and other specialized team programs. Doing this further extends the benefits your organization can experience in terms of time management and resource efficiency.