Get your clients to stay with you longer

Increase your coaching fees 

Create even more value

Provide a tangible accountability system

People like systems because it makes the process more tangible.


P10 Productivity Accelerator gives your clients access to the initial and on-going assessment. You condition them to regularly take the assessment to support your coaching sessions and their progress. You can use your own coaching principles and see how that the shift shows up for your clients in the Assessment or you can use the P10 Productivity Accelerator system and resources as your own.

What Are The Benefits:

The Assessment will help your clients recognize the progress they are making as a result of your coaching. When they associate their growth with you, they stay with you. It provides a structure that people like, they stay with you longer. How much more would you earn if your customers stayed another 3 months or longer. Multiple that by the number of customers. Now we are talking, right!
By Adding the Assessment, you can spend some of your time building value around the Assessment and what they have learned from the assessment and track their actions from week to week.The value of the Assessment, monitoring, tracking  and follow up exercises allows you to ask for more money per month.
Sticking to a system makes people more accountable. It is a structure they can follow and they know it will be measured. just the idea of measuring something makes people pay more attention to it. That increases their results as well as their accountability to their goals.
You will have opportunities to be included in the P0 marketing as a p10 Certified Coach. This includes radio interviews, featured articles on  and build off of the marketing efforts from the P10 initiatives.

What is Included?

You will be able to access the training any where any time. The videos are short and direct teaching you how to maximize your use of the Assessment with your clients and more detail about the 10 Core drivers and how to coach around them.
You will have access to worksheets, workshops, business templates and other leadership and business success tips.
Training is not enough. Your clients need practical application of the concepts you are teaching. The system provides worksheets and activities to put the lessons into action for you and your clients. You can modify them as your own.
Consistency and accountability are the hardest part of changing your clients habits. Your clients take the assessments weekly for you to help them stay accountable for the commitments they made and the results of those commitments. You will have the ability to look at the scores and changes of each client as well as the group as a whole.
You will receive the P10 Certified Coach Badge to put on your website and link to the main site under the list of coaches.


Clients tell me that the assessment alone opened their eyes to where their REAL challenges were. It gave them direction that almost immediately improved their time management efforts and increased their productivity.

Di Smitt
Dr Isaac