Imagine this windmill as a metaphor for human productivity. Purpose, Language and Physiology are the gears that work the internal mechanism. Without gears all you’ve got are some big blades but they don’t do you any good. The gears are what unify them into one big energy production machine.

Of course, you still need something to make those gears turn. FOCUS is the wind that makes your windmill turn. When your focus is clear, the blades and gears turn and generate energy. When the wind is misdirected it will push the blades in the wrong direction and create resistance. The first blade is made up of these four elements to create a Championship Psychology.

Winning Strategies set your standards. Planning, Process and Priority create the second blade and fit into the gear mechanism. The final blade is Sustainable Results. This blade stays strong and supports the system by applying learning and progress, monitoring and measuring progress and most importantly staying ahead of the curve with proactivity. Without all three of these, your “productivity windmill” is underpowered; it turns, but not optimally.

  • Quickly break through your obstacles
  •  Dramatically reduce stress
  • Increase focus and clarity
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Create a clear action plan and implement it
  • Other tips to dramatically increase your productivity

Are you ready to learn the language of productivity? Emersion is the best way to learn a new language so that we have enough basis to really understand the nuances and apply it. Success is in the understanding AND application. Imagine what would be different in your life and business when you learn the language of productivity and consistently create a championship psychology, winning strategies and sustainable results.

By attending a program like this, you will also have found a peer group with a similar mindset and create new accountability parters to support you in owning these new patterns of thought and behavior. There is no drive through solution. You will have to show up and you will have to do the work. You are already glad you did!

Get the tools, training, & resources that you need to achieve Championship Psychology, Winning Strategies, & Sustainable Growth.


Psychology is the driving force behind everything that we do. It is the foundation that everything you achieve is built on. Without a solid foundation your structure will slip away into the sea, and the time and energy invested in building it are lost. There are uncountable external variables or triggers that influence you, and you can’t control them…but you can control how you respond to them. That’s really what taking charge of your Psychology is about. Managing those triggers to your advantage. When you learn to govern your reactions, to choose the meaning that you give events and places, and to respond constructively, that’s when you’ve achieved a CHAMPIONSHIP PSYCHOLOGY.

So what can a Championship Psychology bring you? Learning to manage your feelings and reactions takes work and dedication so what’s the ultimate gain there? A Championship Psychology lets you take charge. Take charge of your health, take charge of your wealth, and take charge of your life.


Strategy and tactics are often confused for the same thing. 99% of executives utilize TACTICS and they are working harder. That 1%, and these are the outstandingly successful 1%…the Mark Zuckerbergs and Steve Jobs of this world…They are using STRATEGY and working smarter. The key to success is working smarter, not harder.

It’s about finding solutions that manage and expand themselves. It’s about training employees to run the office as if you were there, whether or not you are. A great strategy will engender loyalty, accountability, and ownership to your brand, or your product, or company.


Sustainability is what lets you maintain the outcomes you achieved so far. You’ve used Psychology and Strategy to get your windmill turning, but without Sustainability it can’t keep going. Psychology and Strategy set up the environment for Sustainability to be present and possible. Now you’re getting things done smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Now it is time to really execute.

Businesses with great strategies will fall without a sustainable implementation. Any business can have a spike in growth, but there is no great success in that, because it is situational and not sustainable. Success that requires you to work too many hours and compromise everything else you want in life is not success. What you need is a business that keeps achieving and growing and earning even when you are not at the office.