P10 Productivity Accelerator Assessment is a self-administered inventory that has been expertly crafted to measure your Key Productivity Indicators or KPI’s. This Assessment was designed specifically to help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

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1. Purpose:

Understanding your big picture and what is driving you. Setting direction and having a clear goals.

2. Language:
The self-talk you engage in and its effect on your results and the affect on others around you.

3. Physiology:
Eating, sleeping, drinking water, exercising and taking care of your physical state, energy rejuvenation.

4. Focus:
Align what you want with what you are doing and what is important. Eliminate distractions.

5. Planning:
Preparing, scheduling, organizing both short and long term.

6. Process:
Creating standards, systematizing/automating.

7. Prioritizing:
Identifying the most important actions and delegating.

8. Progress:
Recognizing your successes, learning lessons and applying them.

9. Measurement:
Take the time to track success drivers and adapt accordingly.

10. Proactivity:
Identifying and resolving obstacles before they arise.

You will be asked to rate your own level of competency/success on each of the 10 essential elements of time and energy management. Simple to use sliders allow you to click on the part of the bar that reflects your rating for each area.


Review the charts that show your results compared to the levels of importance and compared to high performers. keep in mind the most important comparison is the baseline you create the first time.


Then take advantage of the short lessons to further support and create your action plan.







Further training is available from https://p10app.com/store

After reviewing the lessons, write down what you took away and how and what you will do differently as a result. What new rituals will you create that will support each core driver.
Repetition is key to creating fundamental changes and implement new lasting behaviors. Come back on a  consistent basis to Focus on the 10 Core Drivers of your productivity and review your results and your activities so that you may reinforce the new behaviors you have defined and refine your approach. Consistently coming back and updating your self assessment and reviewing the lessons and bonus materials will be the key to the sustainable results you desire.