This Productivity Boost Assessment App provides a framework to evaluate the 10 core drivers of your productivity. You will gain insights about your strengths and weaknesses, compare with top performers and how your psychology impacts all areas of your productivity.

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1. Purpose:

Understanding your big picture and what is driving you. Setting direction and having a clear goals.

2. Language:
What you say to yourself that can hold you back.

3. Physiology:
Eating, sleeping, drinking water, exercising and taking care of your physical state, energy rejuvenation.

4. Focus:
Align what you want with what you are doing and what is important. Eliminate distractions.

5. Planning:
Preparing, scheduling, organizing both short and long term.

6. Process:
Creating standards, systematizing/automating.

7. Prioritizing:
Identifying the most important actions and delegating.

8. Progress:
Recognizing your successes, learning lessons and applying them.

9. Measurement:
Take the time to track success drivers and adapt accordingly.

10. Proactivity:
Identifying and resolving obstacles before they arise.

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