Bill Walsh PowerTeam International (USA)

“If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, I would strongly recommend that you team up with Penny Zenker today! Her process on helping you increase productivity is priceless!”

Steve Linder SRI University (USA)

“Having seen Penny Zenker as both a business woman, an ingenious innovator, and as a colleague, I found that she’s managed to achieve what many business leaders rarely every find – balance. Penny’s ability to create solutions that are immediately actionable combined with a unique balance of sustainable systems and people-centric solutions brings incredible value to any client who is absolutely committed to long term growth.”

Rebecca Cahoon The Mind & Body Revolution (USA)

“Penny truly demonstrated an experts level of skill as she guided me into clarity, strategy and action.”

Designer Health Centers (USA)

“Your last session alone easily increased my productivity by 60%.”

Claire Sobolewski PHYSIOlogical Training (AUS)

“I put your strategies into action and immediately felt more effective and efficient! …These were areas that I had never considered. Looking at all aspects of time and energy management is the key to mastering it! I have already told my friends and colleagues.”

Moche Di Smitt Glenfis (CH)

“Everyone is happy: myself, my boss and my customers. I (had) lost control of the work I had to do. I am NOW in proactive mode: planning and delivery on time became the usual. After I (correctly) identified my challenges, I set up strategies I am using in my daily business…using the assessment and SmartMoves’ Time and Energy Management Program. Thank you Penny!”

Laura Liebler Cleaning Authority (USA)

“Finally, a new time management approach! I’ve always wondered why, when time has been blocked off, I still can’t manage to get things done. Now I am aware of my energy and how I can have a greater impact…in a shorter amount of time.”