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We’ve all experienced days where we’re “in the zone,” effortlessly meeting our objectives and feeling amazing. Wouldn’t it be great if we could experience this feeling every day?

Now you can! There are 10 core drivers to time and energy management that get you, and keep you in the ZONE. The 10 items are presented in a framework that makes it easy to understand the key factors in productivity, and eliminates overwhelm that may come from not having enough clarity in detail about WHAT to do and HOW to do it.  This is a new paradigm in time management….Don’t miss out! The book will help you get results faster and maintain consistent results to bring you greater balance, more freedom, and time to do the things you really want to do.


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HeadTrash Header Small-2BONUS: Introduction to the Seven
Forms of Head Trash 

Tish Squillaro, Tim Thomas and Penny Zenker team up at HeadTrash Education Services to give you the 7 Forms of Head Trash. HeadTrash can undermine the productivity of your organization and your leadership. Find out the implications and solutions to rid yourself and your organization of these inhibitors when they cross the line, and sabotage your ability to perform at your peak.

Brynne Tillman

Brynne Tillman
Social Selling Expert

BONUS Webinar: 11 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business Development

Brynne Tillman is the CEO of Social Sales Link, and author of “LinkedIn and Social Selling for Business Development”. Brynne’s breakthrough system links traditional sales training with social media for lead generation and prospecting. Brynne works with individuals, sales teams, sales management, business owners and professionals who are responsible for client acquisition to prospect more effectively, make more qualified appointments, reduce the sales cycle, and close more business. Her unique approach to leveraging LinkedIn and social media for business development has earned her the title of National LinkedIn Speaker.


Erica Jones
Beauty and Wellness expert

BONUS: Your True Beauty Blueprint

Erica Jones is a health food enthusiast, natural beauty guru and creator of She is passionate about natural and organic skincare and leading women in uncovering gorgeous, glowing skin from the inside out.

Are you tired of wasting precious time and resources on skincare products that don’t work? A gorgeous, glowing complexion does not have to be time consuming or complicated. Discover how easy it is to unleash a stunning, youthful appearance with 7 Simple Steps to Gorgeous Skin in Just 7 Days.


Dr Isaac Jones
Designer Health Centers

BONUS: 75% off Peak Performance Consultation

Dr. Isaac Jones has worked with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and currently runs an international high performance health consulting company working with executives and entrepreneurs around the world.

After working in the largest health center in America, he’s followed his passion to multiply the impact and capabilities of leaders in the world through helping them upgrade their body, mind, and spirit to optimal high performance.

Increase productivity, boost energy and get a competitive advantage over your peers by accessing your personal peak state of high performance. In a private, one-on-one consultation you’ll get access to Dr. Isaac Jones, a sought after international speaker and doctor who has worked with executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities all over the world. 

Alf M9095-97 - Version 4

Michael Alf
Digital Marketing Expert

BONUS: #1 Best Seller Your Firm Everywhere Now”

Michael Alf is founder of “Your Firm Everywhere Now” – a digital marketing agency for professional services firms. 

After a 10 year career as an internationally sought after consultant for a major firm, he decided to leverage his expertise by starting his own business. Michael’s exclusive client list raves about the growth he has brought them by letting them in on the secrets of digital marketing.


Paul Hoyt
Execution Expert

BONUS: e-Book – The Foundation Factor : Critical Measurement of Businesses Strengths

Paul is the owner and principal consultant with the Hoyt Management Group, and a best-selling author. He has over 40 years of experience leading teams to improved profitability and productivity. He is an expert at helping new and growing businesses develop their strategic plans, create financial models, write business plans, and fund and execute their growth strategies. Paul has enjoyed tremendous success at helping businesses of all sizes achieve their growth and exit strategy objectives.

Due Diligence Experts

Justin and Tonya Recla
Due Diligence Experts

Bonus Resource: Due Diligence DIY Introduction Kit

Both Justin and Tonya have more than 10 years experience in military in security and intelligence. They are both communications experts with expertise in tactical questioning, surveillance and specialized investigative techniques.

They bring their skills from the military sector and they deliver these skills to the boardroom to help businesses protect their two most valuable assets: Time and Money.


Pete Winiarski
Goal Setting Specialist

BONUS:  Achieve Your Goals in Just 90 Days
Using the Daily Action Log

Pete Winiarski is founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC, is a seasoned business consultant and results coach, and author of the #1 International Best Selling book Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days. Pete’s goal achievement method can improve your results by 77%. His book and process are endorsed by Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles.

Imagine your most important goal achieved in 90 days and begin using the Daily Action Log process based on his bestselling book today with the resources and tips he is sharing.

Nellie Williams

Nellie Williams
IRS Insider

BONUS: The IRS Audit Process,  How Your Tax Return is Selected for Audit and the 3 Possible Outcomes of an Audit

In her 5 years with the Internal Revenue Service she personally examined over 10,000 individual and small business tax returns. In her own tax business, she has personally prepared over 10,000 individual and small business tax returns. In her 30-plus-year career she has also represented hundreds of other preparer’s clients being audited by the IRS. In an effort to help more people than she can one-on-one during tax season, Nellie founded Bullet Proof Your Taxes and designed her signature IRS Audit Proofing System.

BONUS: P10 Assessment



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