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How do we stop the tug of war with Time? Get clear that our time management and productivity levels have very little to do with time and everything to do with Energy. Our energy dictates how we show up for the time we have. That is why some days we are in the flow and everything works while others are just like pulling teeth painful and unpleasant. This sing a new concept but it IS a new way of looking at time management. By shifting our perspective from someone thing we cannot control, time, to something we can control which is how we show up for that time (energy), we open up the possibilities for greater achievement, better performance, and being more productive.

Oprah and energy

There are 4 core drivers of our energy. They are levers and when we pull them, we create leverage. they work together like cogs in a windmill that with the force of the wind, the balers turn faster and create great momentum, great energy. The 4 drivers are:

Purpose: Purpose provides raw energy, drive and commitment. It helps us to create a vision beyond ourselves and goal that challenge us to be more.

Language: Language is to create positive mental mindset that is demonstrated through the questions we ask ourselves and others and the words that reflect our thoughts and dictate our experiences.

Focus: When we are focused we can block out distractions and direct our energy with the right balance at the right objectives.

Physiology: Our bodies are our temple. by feeding our mind and body the nutrition, movement and positive stimulation we can control our level of vitality. It is an important foundation for the other drivers.


When you tap into any one of these core drivers you are able to shift perspective and get back into a constructive mindset and energy that will help you through difficult situations, find greater creativity, access stronger resolve, and create depth of focus. Einstein said it: Energy is everything. So of course, it applies to our time management efforts too.

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