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Time Blocking the most essential time management strategy. Time blocking provides the proactive structure to spend you time where it adds most value and help you block out distractions, get clear on priorities, create greater focus and even create greater balance. 

Get the Full course to bring you from goal setting, capacity planning, scheduling to implementation and accountability. 


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Align Goals and Tasks.  Get Clarity and Focus.  Get Results Faster.

What Are The Benefits?

By blocking your time you are making the space necessary for the activities that are of the highest priorities. It also helps you block out distractions.
When you are planning your schedule you feel much more in control
When you know that the most important things are scheduled and you have allocated time and attention for this area you don’t have to hold all those thoughts in your head or get distracted when something comes up. Often stress results from not knowing when you are going to get to it so you hold it all in your head.
Creativity needs space. When your brain is full, your time is full there is not space for creativity. Time blocking frees your mind and your schedule to access this creativity again.
Consistency comes from habit. As you create these routines you will increase the consistency you desire and need.

What is Included?

You will be able to access the training any where any time. The videos are short and direct teaching you the core principles of each of the 7 steps in the P10 Time Blocking Process.
Training is not enough. You need practical application of the concepts you are learning. These worksheets and activities put the lessons into action for you in your context.
Gaining consistency and creating accountability are the hardest part of changing your habits. Adhering to time blocking may be a big challenge for you. It takes time. In order to better support this process, the P10 assessment gives you an outside accountability source and process that help to check-in on your progress, to re-focus on whats important versus the day to day urgencies.
There is also availability to get your questions answered via comments on the modules (so that others benefit too) or get more personalized attention in the group sessions.
As a member of the P10 Community you will get access to bonus materials such as expert interviews, business templates and other valuable time management tips.


Clients tell me that the process was important to open their eyes to better managing their priorities and blocking out distraction. Most clients tell me, the process gave them direction that immediately improved their time management efforts and increased their productivity.

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Dr Isaac


Clients said the accountability of group coaching was the most effective, some clients doubled their revenue in the first year as a result of focused scheduling. Accountability was an important part of their success. Consider which package will be best for you.



One Time
  • Initial Self Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • On-line Training
  • Action Plan
  • Worksheets and Activities
  • On-Line On-Going Accountability
  • Weekly Email Assignments
  • Advanced Training
  • Group Coaching



Per Month
  • Initial Self Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • On-line Training
  • Action Plan
  • Worksheets and Activities
  • On-Line On-Going Accountability
  •  Weekly Email Assignments
  • Advanced Training
  • Weekly Group Coaching